Bitcoin Reaches All-Time High -Trade Bitcoin Perps Now on Demex!

Bitcoin (BTC) surges to record-breaking $69,210! Don't miss out - trade Bitcoin Perps (BTC-PERP) on Demex, a powerful derivatives exchange. Leverage your portfolio or hedge your holdings with Nitron money market.

Bitcoin Reaches All-Time High -Trade Bitcoin Perps Now on Demex!

March 5, 2024

In a historic moment, Bitcoin (BTC) surged to a record-breaking $69,210 on major exchanges, marking the first-ever all-time high (ATH) for the world's leading cryptocurrency. This surpasses the previous high of $68,569 set in November 2021.

A confluence of factors is believed to have contributed to this significant price surge:

  • Institutional Investors: Growing adoption from institutional investors, including major financial institutions and corporations, is injecting significant capital into the Bitcoin market. This increased demand is a powerful driver of price appreciation.
  • Macroeconomic Uncertainty: With traditional markets experiencing volatility, some investors are turning to Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation. Bitcoin's limited supply and decentralized nature make it attractive for those seeking to preserve the value of their assets.
  • Positive Sentiment: Recent positive developments within the Bitcoin ecosystem, such as successful test runs of the Lightning Network, a scaling solution for faster and cheaper transactions, are contributing to a bullish market sentiment.
  • Anticipated Bitcoin Halving: Adding fuel to the fire, the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving event is expected to occur in April 2024. This event will cut the block reward for miners in half, further restricting the supply of new bitcoins entering the market. Historically, halving events have been followed by significant price increases, although the exact correlation is debated.

While the specific contributions of retail and institutional investors remain unclear, on-chain data suggests both categories played a role in the price increase.

Don't Miss the Action: Trade Bitcoin Perps on Demex

While Bitcoin's ATH is exciting news, not everyone is comfortable holding the underlying asset. This is where Demex, a powerful cross-chain derivatives exchange, comes in.

Demex offers perpetual contracts (perpetual futures) on Bitcoin (BTC-PERP), allowing you to participate in the market movement without needing to hold any Bitcoin directly. Whether you believe the price will go up (long) or down (short), you can trade Bitcoin Perps to magnify your potential gains.

Trading Spot vs Trading Perps

  • Leverage: Unlike spot trading, which requires you to have the full value of your position upfront, perpetual contracts allow you to trade Bitcoin Perps with leverage. This means you can control a larger position with a smaller initial investment, potentially amplifying your returns.
  • Flexibility: Perpetual contracts offer the flexibility to go long or short, allowing you to profit from both rising and falling prices. This is particularly useful in volatile markets like the current one, where you can trade Bitcoin Perps to hedge your existing holdings or capitalize on short-term price movements.
  • Efficiency: Perpetual contracts eliminate the need for managing physical deliveries and settlements, which can be complex and time-consuming in spot trading.
Source: Bitflex

So, whether you're a seasoned trader or just getting started, Demex's BTC-PERP contracts offer a powerful and convenient way to participate in the Bitcoin market, even if you don't hold any BTC directly. Don't miss out on the potential!

Bitcoin Holders: Leverage Your Portfolio with Demex and Nitron

Demex doesn't just cater to those who don't hold Bitcoin. If you're a Bitcoin holder looking to maximize the potential of your portfolio, Demex offers a unique solution through Nitron, its in-app money market.

Here's how it works:

  1. Deposit your Bitcoin on Nitron.
  2. Use your Bitcoin as collateral to borrow USD.
  3. Use the borrowed USD to trade BTC-PERP contracts on Demex.

By leveraging Nitron, you can effectively engage in leverage trading without selling your Bitcoin. This allows you to:

  • Amplify your potential profits: If the market moves in your favor, you can potentially magnify your gains compared to simply holding Bitcoin.
  • Hedge your portfolio: By taking a short position on BTC-PERP, you can hedge against potential price drops in your Bitcoin holdings.

Remember, leverage trading involves increased risk, so careful management and a strong understanding of the market are crucial.

Demex, with its BTC-PERP contracts and Nitron money market, offers a comprehensive suite of tools for both those entering the Bitcoin market and experienced holders looking to optimize their strategies. Don't miss out on the potential!

The significance of this ATH cannot be overstated.


Bitcoin's booming! Trade Bitcoin Perps on Demex to participate, even without holding Bitcoin. Demex offers tools to maximize your potential, but remember, all trading involves risk. So, trade wisely!