Breaking: Demex Launches Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits is a a new Demex promotion giving traders 80% of their trading fees back! Find out more in this article.

Breaking: Demex Launches Carbon Credits

Ready for a real chance to grab some trading rewards? Enter Carbon Credits, Demex's covert initiative designed for the traders who trade big and are here to win big.

Premiering Now: Season 1

Demex just kicked off Season 1 of Carbon Credits  – 28 days of trading perpetual markets and climbing up the leaderboard. The rewards pool starts with 400,000 SWTH, and will grow to match 80% of total trading fees on Demex for the season. This is not your usual rewards program, where every trade isn't just a move, it's a carbonated step toward rewards.

Open to All Perp Markets on Demex

Carbon Credits are up for grabs across all perpetual markets on Demex. Traders earn credits based on their season's trading fees. These credits are proudly showcased on the Leaderboard, refreshing at the season's start. Keep an eye on your credits, and make sure to climb to the top before the season comes to a close.

To maintain our haven for traders, Demex regularly adds new, trending and exotic markets. This ensures you have an exciting and up-to-date environment, allowing you to stay ahead in the trading game.

Trade Big, Earn Credits, Reap Rewards!

The deal is sweet: the more you trade, the more fees you accrue towards the chain, and the more credits you rack up, leading to bigger rewards.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to sign up on our ongoing Celestia Trading League, to stack up your rewards and try your hand at winning from a prize pool of 150 $milkTIA!

Green Ops: Trading With A Purpose

But we're not just about trading, we're about making a statement.

In the spirit of giving back, Demex is planting a tree for every million Carbon Credits earned. Your trades not only boost your rewards but also contribute to a greener planet.

Get Your Head In The Game

Prepare yourselves, traders. The quest for Carbon Credits has commenced on Demex. Become part of the league of silent legends in the realm of crypto trading. For more information refer to our guide here.