Celestia Trading League

Celestia Trading League

The Celestia Trading League, hosted by Demex, presents a lucrative opportunity for traders to engage in the dynamic Celestia ecosystem. As the ecosystem experiences a remarkable boom, becoming a $345 million blockchain enterprise, participants can capitalize on the Celestia Perpetual Pool. By becoming market-makers on the TIA Perpetual Market, traders can earn trading fees, and funding fees, and participate in the Celestia Trading League, showcasing the TIA-PERP Market.

The Boom Of The Celestia Ecosystem

The Celestia ecosystem is currently undergoing a remarkable boom, establishing itself as a frontrunner in the realm of blockchain technology. The project quickly grew into an ecosystem and transformed into a formidable $345 million blockchain enterprise, gaining widespread acclaim for its groundbreaking "data availability" network. This network addresses scalability issues inherent in traditional blockchains by adopting a modular architecture. Endorsed by Ethereum's co-founder Vitalik Buterin, this innovative design allows specialized blockchains to execute specific functions while upholding decentralization and security.

The Celestia ecosystem spans a diverse range of applications and services, including rollups, infrastructure, virtual machines, and cross-chain solutions. With a staggering 85 protocols already integrated, Celestia's modular blockchain stands at the forefront of innovation, poised for sustained expansion as a pivotal player in the evolving landscape of blockchain technology.

Unveiling the Celestia Ecosystem Perpetual Pool

First TIA Perpetual Liquidity Provider (LP)

Demex proudly introduces the first-ever TIA Perpetual LP within the Celestia ecosystem. This strategic move enhances liquidity and trading dynamics, offering traders unprecedented advantages.

Linking TIA Perpetual LP to TIA-PERP Market

The TIA Perpetual LP is intricately linked to the TIA-PERP market, ensuring deep liquidity, optimal pricing, and swift order execution. This symbiotic relationship creates a robust trading environment, providing traders with the best possible conditions for executing their strategies.

Accessible and Profitable for Everyone

Participation in the Celestia Perpetual Pool is open to all. Anyone can deposit funds into the pool and, in return, earn trading fees, funding fees, and a share of traders' PnL. This inclusive approach democratizes trading, allowing both experienced and novice traders to capitalize on the potential offered by the Celestia ecosystem.

Hot Trading Action During the League

As the Celestia Trading League unfolds from January 23rd to February 23rd, 2024, the TIA-PERP market within the Celestia Perpetual Pool promises to be a focal point of intense trading activity. The competition period is set to create a dynamic market environment, making it an opportune time for market makers to thrive and capitalize on the heightened trading action.

Explore the Celestia Perpetual Pool on Demex and unlock a new dimension of trading possibilities within the Celestia ecosystem.

How to Participate and Win in the Celestia Trading League

Traders accumulate points on the leaderboard by actively trading on perpetual markets.

For every 1 USDⒼ of trading volume (factoring in leverage), you will earn:



TIA Perpetual Market


Other Perpetual Market


The competition boasts a prize pool of 150 $milkTIA, the liquid-staked version of TIA, powered by Milkyway. The top 20 participants on the leaderboard will secure prizes, with the potential for larger prize pools as all participants collectively trade more.

Bridging Stablecoins for Trading Perpetuals on Demex

For traders who are new to Demex, accessing perpetual trading requires a stablecoin as margin to begin trading. Carbon's stablecoin is USD, which consists of native USDC (Ethereum, Noble, Arbitrum, etc) and (Axelar and Osmosis).

Follow these steps to deposit your stablecoins onto Demex and start your trading journey:

1. Ensure you are holding any of the supported stablecoins within the USDⒼ basket. Check its constituents here.

2. Navigate to Demex's deposit page, connect your desired wallet, and deposit any of the supported stablecoins.

3. The stablecoin will be auto-converted at a 1:1 ratio to USDⒼ, and you can also withdraw USDⒼ to any of the supported stablecoins at any time.

4. Congratulations! You are now ready to trade on the TIA-PERP or other markets and/or provide liquidity to the Celestia Ecosystem Perp Pool.

Leveraging Trading with Nitron in the Celestia Ecosystem

By now, enthusiasts within the Milkyway and Celestia Ecosystem are well aware of Demex's strategic collaboration with Milkyway, marking the launch of milkTIA on the Nitron Money Market. Nitron proudly holds the distinction of being the initial money market to endorse milkTIA as collateral, standing as the exclusive platform supporting this burgeoning asset. The lending pool's appeal has surged, incentivized by SWTH, with the supply cap adjusted multiple times to meet escalating demand.

For those who have contributed milkTIA to Nitron's lending pool, there's an exciting opportunity to utilize it as collateral and leverage their portfolio. This collateral enables the borrowing of USDⒼ, empowering traders to establish leveraged long positions on TIA-PERP. All that's required is USDⒼ, opening the gateway to perpetual trading and the prospect of ascending the leaderboard. Seize the opportunity to ascend to the pinnacle and secure even more milkTIA prizes!

For further insights into this strategic approach, delve into our comprehensive guide here.

Amass Demex Points through Perpetual Trading

Engaging in perpetual trading on Demex not only offers financial gains but also provides traders with Demex points. The more participants trade on perpetual markets, the more Demex points they accumulate, unlocking potential rewards. Traders can monitor their Demex points on the dedicated Demex Points Page.

By participating in the Celestia Trading League and effectively trading TIA perpetuals on Demex, traders can immerse themselves in the vibrant Celestia ecosystem, earning rewards and climbing the leaderboard for a chance to win prestigious prizes.


The Celestia Trading League, hosted by Demex, is a gateway to substantial prizes and unique opportunities. Traders have the chance to compete for a share of the 150 milkTIA prize pool, leveraging the Celestia Perpetual Pool on Demex. The competition not only offers an opportunity to amass Demex points but also introduces a strategic partnership with Milkyway, allowing traders to leverage their Nitron holdings. This dynamic platform invites participants to make the trade of a lifetime, positioning themselves at the forefront of blockchain innovation and reaping the rewards of active engagement in the evolving Celestia ecosystem.