Demex Daily #123: Telegram Adds Toncoin Payments for Ads & Shares Revenue with Owners

What’s Interesting Today:

Telegram has introduced the option for users to purchase in-platform advertisements using Toncoin, aiming to enhance user monetization by sharing 50% of ad revenue with public channel owners. This feature allows users to promote their channels by selecting specific channels for their TON-powered ads. Channel owners can withdraw their earnings fee-free soon via Telegram's Fragment exchange. The selection of the TON Blockchain for this feature is due to its low fees and high transaction capacity, with a record of 100,000 transactions per second in tests. Telegram CEO Pavel Durov highlighted that this update would benefit content creators by providing them with the option to either withdraw their earnings or reinvest in their channels, despite only 10% of channels currently being monetized.

Babylon, a bitcoin staking protocol, has partnered with Lorenzo Protocol to create a new 'Bitcoin Liquid Restaking' product. Lorenzo Protocol will leverage Babylon's technology to offer BTC liquid restaking tokens (stBTC), which represent staked bitcoin through Babylon's protocol. This integration focuses on security, ensuring that Lorenzo's liquid restaking tokens are available exclusively on layer 2 solutions secured by Babylon's bitcoin staking and timestamping protocol.