Demex Daily #132: Kaidro Clan Battles Moves to Ronin, Plans Steam Launch and Series

What’s Interesting Today:

Initially set for launch on Immutable's network, the Ethereum RPG "Kaidro: Clan Battles" has transitioned to the Ronin network after strategic reassessments and shifts in partnership dynamics. The game, which draws inspiration from webcomics and experienced a successful free mint, faced challenges when Immutable formed a new partnership with Polygon, leading to reduced support for Kaidro. A discussion with Sky Mavis's co-founder in Japan highlighted better synergies with Ronin, prompting the game's migration. This shift has re-energized the Kaidro team as they prepare for a closed alpha release on Steam. This platform will allow seamless gameplay without direct blockchain interactions but will maintain Web3 features via its website. Additionally, an animated series is being developed to expand the visibility of the Kaidro brand and its comic-based intellectual property.

The TON Foundation has partnered with HashKey to enhance the accessibility of the Telegram wallet by improving fiat on and off-ramps for users in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly focusing on Hong Kong initially. This collaboration aims to make cryptocurrency use seamless in daily life and spur innovation within the TON ecosystem. The partnership also seeks to adhere to local regulations and expand to other markets if successful in Hong Kong. However, concerns have been raised about Hong Kong’s stringent crypto regulations potentially limiting the global appeal of this initiative. HashKey is one of the few firms to hold a digital asset exchange license in Hong Kong, which could influence the partnership's regional strategy and operations.