Demex Daily #135: Worldcoin Launches Privacy-Focused 'World Chain' on Ethereum

What’s Interesting Today:

The Worldcoin Foundation, associated with the eye-scanning Worldcoin project, plans to launch World Chain, a new blockchain using tech from layer-2 provider Optimism. This network, built on Ethereum, will use ETH as its native token and allow Worldcoin (WLD) to pay for gas fees. World Chain aims to provide a dedicated, privacy-preserving environment tailored to Worldcoin’s user base, which comprises a significant portion of the activity on the Optimism mainnet. The foundation's goal with World Chain is to prioritize verified humans over bots in blockspace allocation and to offer transaction allowances for common users. Recent controversies over privacy issues with Worldcoin's technology have spurred investigations in several countries, but the developers maintain the system is one of the most privacy-preserving available.


Lido has introduced the Simple DVT Module, utilizing distributed validator technology (DVT) from Obol and SSV Network, to enable individual stakers to join its Ethereum staking protocol. This initiative, approved by Lido DAO in October, aims to diversify node operators and enhance infrastructure resilience by broadening hardware, software, and geographical variety. The addition is expected to attract 250 new node operators, marking a 600% increase, thereby promoting a more decentralized ecosystem.