Demex Daily #148: Fantasy Top Blends Crypto Gaming with Influencer NFTs

What’s Interesting Today:


The Blast ecosystem is experiencing a surge in token and NFT values following the introduction of a novel "Jackpot" incentive structure. This new feature allows users to enter Blast tokens and NFTs into a jackpot to win Blast Gold, enhancing the utility of holding various assets within the ecosystem. The announcement led to significant price increases for specific tokens and NFTs, such as PacMoon and Blastopians. Despite these price surges, the total value locked (TVL) in Blast has only modestly increased. The jackpot mechanism is part of a broader experiment in token distribution and incentive alignment in the Web3 space, which continues to evolve amid community feedback and regulatory uncertainties. This innovation aims to attract long-term users by offering more dynamic ways to engage with and benefit from the ecosystem.