Demex Daily #151: Optimism Introduces Layer-3 Development Features on Superchain

What’s Interesting Today:

Optimism, a provider of Ethereum scaling solutions, is advancing its platform by encouraging developers to build layer-3 decentralized applications on its Superchain using the OP Stack. This initiative allows layer-3s to benefit from shared security and revenue with the Optimism Collective, alongside access to funding, airdrops, and grants. Key upcoming features to support layer-3 developers include custom gas tokens, which simplify onboarding by using layer-2 tokens as native gas tokens on layer-3, and Plasma Mode, which reduces operational costs by offering an alternative data availability layer. Despite these innovations, some industry figures, like Polygon CEO Marc Boiron, express skepticism about the security and necessity of layer-3 solutions, arguing they could detract from Ethereum’s value. Meanwhile, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin sees layer-3s as offering specialized functionalities beyond mere scaling.

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Euclid, a Web3 startup powered by Nibiru, has launched as a decentralized unified cross-chain liquidity infrastructure. Following a $600,000 pre-seed funding round backed by Kahuna Network and other investors, Euclid plans to use the capital for development, business expansion, audits, and marketing. The startup aims to unify liquidity through a Virtual Settlement Layer provided by Nibiru, allowing integrated blockchains to connect seamlessly. This connection is expected to offer low slippage and fair prices across its ecosystem, facilitated by Euclid's proprietary LiquiSync model that allows easy, permissionless access for any chain or protocol.