Demex Daily #156: Tether Teams Up with Oobit and TON for Crypto-Payment Integration

What’s Interesting Today:

Tether Operations Limited has partnered with Oobit and the TON Foundation to create a comprehensive crypto-payment solution, integrating USD₮ and XAU₮ into TON's blockchain. This partnership aims to enhance the utility of cryptocurrencies as a payment method by allowing users to send USD₮ via Telegram and utilize it for crypto Tap payments on Oobit. The collaboration focuses on expanding Tether's global accessibility, supporting seamless value transfers within TON's ecosystem, and making cryptocurrency transactions more convenient and widely accepted. The initiative underscores Tether's commitment to driving innovation in digital finance and providing banking solutions to the unbanked, while also enhancing the user experience with decentralized services through Oobit's integration with the TON blockchain.

Trade THE OPEN NETWORK TON-PERP on Demex! and Morpheus have formed a strategic partnership to enhance decentralized AI within the Web3 space. will merge its community-driven AI training model with Morpheus' network, which supports smart agent builders. This collaboration aims to lessen dependency on centralized AI services like OpenAI and to integrate more smart agents into Web3 wallets. The ultimate goal is to enable users to access AI directly from their wallets, facilitating secure and intuitive trading experiences.