Demex Daily #154: Google Cloud Becomes Super Representative Candidate on TRON Blockchain

What’s Interesting Today:

TRON DAO announced that Google Cloud has become a Super Representative candidate on the TRON blockchain, responsible for block production and transaction handling. This partnership extends TRON’s existing collaboration with Google Cloud, which includes making TRON data available on BigQuery, a serverless data warehouse. This integration enhances analytics capabilities for developers and supports the development of advanced decentralized applications (dApps). The use of Google Cloud’s services, like Compute Engine and Kubernetes Engine, will also boost TRON’s infrastructure within the Web3 space. Both parties emphasized their commitment to advancing blockchain technology and decentralizing the internet.

Aave's decentralized social media protocol, Lens, is launching a Layer 2 network, Lens Network, leveraging Matter Labs' ZK Stack. This new network will feature a hybrid validium and volition Layer 2 to support high transaction throughput and maintain low fees, enhancing the user experience with features like gasless transactions. Lens Network aims to facilitate broad adoption by improving scalability and user onboarding, making web3 benefits like user ownership and secure transactions mainstream. Additionally, Lens Network will host a new version of the Lens Protocol to support integration across various blockchains, and it plans a phased rollout starting with the implementation of validium using ZK compression. The initiative seeks to decentralize social media, allowing users to transfer social capital freely across platforms, contrasting sharply with traditional, siloed social networks.