Demex Daily #179: Ronin Network Launches zkEVM for Enhanced Gaming Scalability

What’s Interesting Today:

Ronin Network is set to enhance its platform by introducing zkEVM capabilities, using the  Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) to enable builders to create and deploy their own Layer 2 (L2) blockchains for gaming. This development aims to significantly scale Ronin, facilitating faster game onboarding. Ronin, which boasts 1.5 million daily active users and over 18 million wallet downloads, is leveraging its position as the largest gaming blockchain to foster greater growth and economic freedom with these new capabilities. For detailed technical insights, Ronin and Sky Mavis have updated the White Paper available on their website.

Mysten Labs has launched a developer preview of "Walrus," a new decentralized storage network for blockchain applications, underpinned by the Sui Network. Walrus offers robust data availability and efficient storage solutions, allowing for the upload of large data blobs at minimal costs with a low replication factor of 4x-5x. It utilizes erasure coding to ensure data can be reconstructed even if two-thirds of the storage slivers are missing, providing high fault tolerance. Designed for scalability, Walrus can handle potentially exabytes of data, making it an attractive solution for a range of web3 applications, including media storage for NFTs, archival of blockchain history, and support for L2 solutions. The preview phase, run by Mysten Labs, aims to collect feedback and refine the service, with plans to expand node operations and enhance functionalities based on community input. Developers can interact with Walrus using SUI Testnet tokens and explore its capabilities through provided APIs and a command-line interface.