Demex Daily #187: Pixelverse Launches PIXFI Token on TON as PixelTap Game Thrives

What’s Interesting Today:

Pixelverse, a cyberpunk-themed crypto gaming ecosystem, is launching its PIXFI token on The Open Network (TON) as its Telegram-based game, PixelTap, gains popularity. PixelTap combines clicker and combat gameplay, allowing players to earn coins to upgrade and battle with robots. Beyond the Telegram game, Pixelverse is developing a web browser-based quest battler in the same universe, currently in early preview and heading towards an alpha release. The platform has attracted 35 million players, with many engaging in PixelTap amidst a surge in Telegram gaming. The PIXFI token, with a total supply of 5 billion, will be integral for trading, crafting, and battling within the Pixelverse ecosystem. TON, known for hosting major web3 gaming projects like Notcoin and Hamster Kombat, is emerging as a key platform for crypto gaming, fostering broader crypto adoption.

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Synternet has officially launched its mainnet on the Cosmos network, marking the completion of its Monaco phase and initiating a significant phase in the decentralized data economy. This launch allows for the practical use of the $SYNT token within its multi-chain ecosystem, facilitating real monetary transactions for data services. Positioned on Cosmos, Synternet benefits from lower gas fees and faster transactions, enhancing the utility of $SYNT for paying for data services and promoting a more inclusive ecosystem. The $SYNT token also serves as the primary payment method within Synternet, enabling users to purchase real-time data streams and participate in governance through staking and voting. This milestone aligns with Synternet’s growth-focused Pikes Peak roadmap and its vision to democratize data access across various blockchains.

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