Demex Daily #55: $SOL $BONK Bonk Memecoin Craze Boosts Solana Saga Phone Sales on eBay

What’s Interesting Today:

The Solana Saga phone experienced a significant increase in demand and resale value following a frenzy over the free Bonk memecoin airdrop. Originally priced at $599, the phone sold out on its official website and was listed on eBay for as much as $5,000, over eight times its retail cost. This surge in interest and price was driven by the value of the 30 million Bonk tokens included with each phone, which recently appreciated in value, surpassing the phone's cost. The demand spike led to over 20 devices selling for more than $2,000 each. Buyers of these phones are speculated to be betting on further appreciation of the Bonk memecoin, which would require a significant market cap increase. Additionally, the interest in the phone may not be solely for the Bonk airdrop, as other Solana-based projects announced airdrops and financial incentives for Saga phone holders.

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Intersect, a member-based organization within the Cardano ecosystem, has announced that they will take over the stewardship of the core Cardano codebase. Starting from December 16, Intersect and its members will administer all 26 Cardano code repositories. This move is aimed at enhancing distributed development and allowing the community to have a greater role in directing the future of the blockchain. This transition is a key component of Cardano's ongoing "Voltaire" era.