Demex Daily #58: $XAI Xai Network's Upcoming Arbitrum Airdrop

What’s Interesting Today:

The Xai Gaming Network, a "layer-3" network on Arbitrum, is set to distribute its token through an airdrop on December 27. This network, associated with Arbitrum and Offchain Labs, is designed for gaming and uses its token for transaction fees and in-game purchases like NFTs. The airdrop targets holders of Odyssey Legendaries, Vanguards NFTs, and Xai Sentry Keys, which are necessary for running network nodes. While it's too late to acquire Odyssey Legendaries and Vanguards for the airdrop, Sentry Keys remain available. The Xai Foundation, currently reviewing its tokenomics for regulatory compliance, also plans to release a single sign-on wallet solution. Users are warned of the risks of airdrop scams, including a recent phishing incident involving Xai's Sentry Key repository.


Fountain, a podcast app integrated with the Bitcoin Lightning Network, has unveiled a major redesign and user experience improvement, according to co-founder Nick Malster. The update makes it simpler to support podcasts, discover new ones, and earn Bitcoin for listening and sharing content. Additionally, Strike users can link their accounts to the Fountain wallet and top up in their chosen currency directly within the app. The new version of Fountain is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

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