Demex Daily #63: $DYM Dymension's Multi-Chain Airdrop Targets Over a Million Users

What’s Interesting Today:

Dymension, a blockchain built on the Cosmos framework, is launching a significant token airdrop, distributing its DYM tokens to over one million cryptocurrency enthusiasts across networks like Solana, Ethereum, and Cosmos. This event, termed as the "genesis rolldrop," is making available 70 million DYM tokens to qualified participants, based on various eligibility conditions such as engagement with specific projects and activity on Ethereum layer-2 networks. Excluding residents of the U.S., this airdrop precedes another incentive program for users who transfer funds from different networks. This move is reflective of the growing trend of token distributions in the cryptocurrency industry.

KuCoin Labs, part of the Seychelles-based crypto exchange KuCoin, has invested in ISSP to support the development of its new inscription protocol on the Sui network. The protocol is notable for its high throughput and scalability. ISSP introduces the first cross-chain inscription protocol system, integrating an inscription marketplace and swap. It leverages the Sui network's unique Objects model to enhance inscription systems. The initial launch includes the SUI-20 inscription standard protocol, which uses the network node's built-in indexer for indexing inscription data.