Demex Daily #67: SEC Compromised Twitter Falsely Announces Bitcoin ETF Approval

What’s Interesting Today:

The Twitter account of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was recently compromised, leading to an incorrect announcement about the approval of a Bitcoin ETF. SEC Chair Gary Gensler corrected the situation, stating on his personal account that the SEC had not authorized any spot bitcoin ETFs. This incident caused a significant fluctuation in Bitcoin's value, which initially surged close to $48,000 after the erroneous tweet, but fell to $46,291 after Gensler's update. The SEC is anticipated to deliver a verdict on the listing of spot Bitcoin ETFs by January 10. The situation sparked debates over whether the misleading tweet was a result of a hack or an erroneously scheduled post, with Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas suggesting the latter as a possibility.

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Osmosis has announced Staking v1, a significant update designed to enhance and simplify the staking process within the Cosmos ecosystem. Traditionally, users on Osmosis could only swap tokens and provide liquidity, missing out on a more integrated staking experience. This new feature allows users to stake assets, collect rewards, and manage delegations directly on the Osmosis platform, eliminating the need for third-party wallet applications like Kepler and Leap. Initially, Staking v1 will support OSMO staking, with plans to expand to multichain staking in the future version (v2). This update is expected to bring substantial value to users and advances Osmosis's goal of becoming an interchain liquidity hub.