Demex Daily #77: WEN Meme Coin Airdrop Tests Jupiter Launchpad, Showcases Solana's Stability

What’s Interesting Today:

The WEN meme coin airdrop on the Solana blockchain attracted significant attention, distributing 643,652 WEN to over a million wallets including Jupiter DEX users and Solana Saga smartphone owners. The coin's value briefly spiked before settling to a fraction of a penny. While the Solana network stayed stable, the Phantom wallet faced some issues. This airdrop served as a trial for Jupiter's new launchpad, highlighting the inherent volatility and potential for price fluctuations in meme coins.

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De.Fi has announced the first season of its $DEFI token airdrop ahead of its token launch, after securing $17M in funding and introducing a $100,000 Community Quest. Eligibility for the airdrop depends on staking $DEFI tokens and user activity. The airdrop is part of a series aimed at rewarding the community, with future seasons promising more incentives. De.Fi's platform includes a dashboard for managing crypto portfolios, finding DeFi opportunities, and a SocialFi platform that gamifies Web3 engagement.