Demex Daily #84: Dymension Launches Mainnet with $390M DYM Airdrop

What’s Interesting Today:

Dymension initiated its mainnet and distributed $390 million worth of DYM tokens across Solana, Ethereum, and other networks, resulting in a 58% increase in the token's price post-launch. The giveaway included 700 million DYM tokens, aiming at over a million wallets, although only approximately half participated in the claim. Utilizing Cosmos technology, Dymension offers a platform for developers to establish application chains, termed "RollApps." This distribution places DYM as the year's second most significant token airdrop, second only to Solana's Jupiter airdrop.

MetaMask and Robinhood's partnership enhances crypto access by integrating Robinhood's fiat-to-crypto on-ramp with MetaMask, simplifying the purchase and transfer of cryptocurrencies. This collaboration bridges traditional finance and the blockchain economy, aiming to ease user transition into web3 applications. Additionally, Robinhood's recent expansion into the U.K. and Europe underscores its commitment to broadening crypto accessibility globally.