Demex Daily #94: MAVIA Token Sees Sharp Decline After Record High Amidst Gaming Token Rally

What’s Interesting Today:

The MAVIA token, associated with the Ethereum-based game Heroes of Mavia, experienced a significant drop of 26% just two days after achieving a new all-time high. This decline occurred amidst a broader rally in gaming tokens, with MAVIA falling over 5% in one day to about $8.00, marking a 24% decrease from its peak of $10.59. Heroes of Mavia, developed by Skrice Studios, is a mobile strategy game planning to integrate crypto elements and has sold NFT land plots prior to its January launch. Despite the recent dip, MAVIA's value has surged 338% since its debut at $1.83, driven by a detailed game roadmap, upcoming crypto implementations, and a successful airdrop targeting 100,000 early players and NFT landowners. The game has achieved over 2 million downloads and 278,000 daily active users.


MetaMask has expanded its Security Alerts feature to users on both its web extension and mobile app, now supporting multiple blockchains including Linea, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avalanche, in addition to Ethereum. This feature, developed with Blockaid, warns users of potential threats during transactions by simulating the transaction and identifying malicious patterns to prevent fund loss. It proved effective in previous phishing scams involving prominent crypto figures, saving users around $1.15 million in assets during the Ledger Connect Kit incident. This security enhancement aligns with MetaMask's significant user growth, rising from 19 million to 30 million monthly active users from September 2023 to January 2024. Additionally, a new partnership with Robinhood will enable MetaMask users to purchase digital assets through Robinhood’s order flow and transfer assets between Robinhood and MetaMask wallets.