Demex Daily #39: $LINK Chainlink's Staking v0.2 Announcement Fuels Investor Optimism and Price Surge

What’s Interesting Today:

The Chainlink (LINK) cryptocurrency has experienced a surge in investor interest and price after announcing plans to launch its Staking v0.2 feature later this year. The update includes benefits like liquid rewards, stake sharing, Modular Architecture, and new Oracle services. Chainlink's price surged over 12% within a day of the announcement, and its 24-hour trading volume increased by 6.23% to $1.26 billion. The upcoming staking feature also offers early access to v0.1 Chainlink holders based on their on-chain and off-chain activity. Overall, the market is optimistic about Chainlink's improved staking capabilities and increased network strength.


Hayden Adams, the creator of decentralized exchange Uniswap, burned nearly all of his holdings of an experimental token, effectively eliminating 99.99% of its supply. The token, originally deployed for testing in 2019 and dubbed HayCoin (HAY), was never intended to hold value. However, a group of crypto traders recently acquired all 4.4 tokens that remained on the open market. After Adams burned his stash, the scarcity drove the price of each HayCoin to over $3 million. Despite the price surge, Adams has disassociated himself from the token, stating that he thinks speculating on it is "silly."