Demex Daily #14: $ETH Ethereum Introduces Holešky Testnet

What’s Interesting Today:

Ethereum has rolled out a fresh testnet named "Holešky," equipped with an opening supply of 1.6 billion Ether (HETH) to aid in staking, and the development of both infrastructure and protocols. This introduction serves as a solution to the shortcomings of the older Goerli testnet, which lacked sufficient supply for effective testing. Meanwhile, Sepolia will remain the primary network for developing applications. Plans are in place to phase out Goerli by the start of 2024. Holešky is anticipated to be crucial in trialing new functionalities that aim to cut down on fees and the cost of running nodes.

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Google Cloud has partnered with Web3 startup Orderly Network to develop developer tools aimed at making decentralized finance (DeFi) more accessible. The collaboration will focus on off-chain components of DeFi infrastructure to address challenges related to self-custody and transparency. Orderly Network will serve as a DeFi infrastructure provider on Google Cloud Marketplace. The partnership comes amid increasing client interest in blockchain technologies on Google Cloud. The joint venture aims to balance speed and decentralization, improve DeFi security, and encourage mainstream adoption.