Demex Daily #30: Flare-Subsquid Integration Enhances DApp Development

What’s Interesting Today:

Flare, a Layer 1 blockchain focused on data, has integrated with Subsquid, a blockchain indexing platform tailored for decentralized applications (DApps). This partnership will allow developers on Subsquid to access Flare's extensive historical data, enhancing their DApp development. Subsquid features an open-source software development kit (SDK) with specialized data lakes and a unique query stack that enables data extraction from Flare's databases. This allows DApp developers to utilize large amounts of historical data from Flare within Subsquid's data lake. The collaboration will also focus on creating custom data pipelines and APIs, with future joint projects aimed at expanding one of the largest data lakes for the Web 3 ecosystem.

Decentralized social media platform,, has introduced an optional 2FA (two-factor authentication) security feature for users following a series of SIM-swap attacks on its platform.'s announcement on Oct. 9 informed users that they can add an additional 2FA password for extra protection. Once implemented, the platform cannot reset these passwords. had previously updated its security on Oct. 4, allowing users to modify login methods to reduce SIM-swap attack risks. Despite criticism for their delayed response, some users like "0xCaptainLevi" welcomed the 2FA addition. Blockworks founder, Jason Yanowitz, highlighted the method used by attackers involving a text message that tricks users into sending a genuine verification code to the scammer. The platform's total value locked is currently $43.9 million, a 15.5% drop from its $52 million peak on Oct. 2.