Demex Daily #19: $BTC ZeroSync Creates Bitcoin's Initial Zero-Knowledge Light Client to Boost Speed and Privacy

What’s Interesting Today:

Google Cloud is expanding its BigQuery program to include data from 11 additional blockchain networks such as Polygon, Optimism, Polkadot, Avalanche, Arbitrum, NEAR, and Tron. The program, which is designed for various coding skill levels, provides a "serverless and cost-effective enterprise data warehouse" for exploring blockchain data. Google Cloud claims that users can access this off-chain data faster than querying the blockchain directly. The expansion aims to meet the demand for a more comprehensive view across the crypto landscape, allowing for multi-chain meta analyses and integration with conventional financial systems. This comes despite the ongoing "crypto winter," indicating Google Cloud's commitment to the blockchain space.

The Swiss-based non-profit organization ZeroSync is in the process of developing Bitcoin's inaugural zero-knowledge light client, with the aim of increasing transaction speed and user privacy. This verification tool allows for the creation of light clients based on zk proofs, potentially enabling a full Bitcoin node to operate on smartphones. Furthermore, ZeroSync is laying the groundwork for a secondary protocol that could introduce stablecoins to Bitcoin and markedly amplify transaction rates without necessitating any blockchain forks. The initiative represents the first application of StarkWare's Cairo coding language outside the Ethereum environment. Despite Bitcoin's inherent resistance to rapid alterations, ZeroSync views the upcoming Simplicity coding language as a pathway to expand Bitcoin's functionalities and adopt optimal zk proof methods without the need for widespread agreement.

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