Demex Daily #4: $DOGE $BTC Robinhood Wallet Now Supports Bitcoin and Dogecoin

What’s Interesting Today:

Robinhood Wallet has added support for Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE), six months after its initial launch. The self-custody wallet will allow users to hold and send these cryptocurrencies, and the company hinted at future support for more assets. Robinhood users can also interact with various other networks such as Optimism, Polygon, Ethereum, and Arbitrum. Additionally, Robinhood introduced in-app Ethereum swaps for over 200 assets for a select user base, aimed at making decentralized finance (DeFi) more accessible. Prior to this, users relied on ox API for token swaps. Since its launch, Robinhood Wallet has gained hundreds of thousands of users across 140 countries and has continuously rolled out new features, including a Web3 browser and a fiat onramp feature. The company aims to become an industry leader with its growing range of services.

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Kava Chain, a decentralized Layer 1 blockchain that is interoperable with both Cosmos and Ethereum, is now integrated with Fireblocks, an enterprise platform for managing digital assets. This integration will allow Fireblocks' customers to access the Cosmos DeFi ecosystem via Kava Chain securely. Fireblocks' robust security measures and customizable Transaction Authorization Policy (TAP) will let institutional investors explore DeFi without compromising on compliance and security. The move enables over 1,800 major digital asset and crypto institutions to custody KAVA tokens and access Kava-native assets, such as Cosmos-native USDt. The integration provides a more capital-efficient option for centralized exchanges and significant market makers for cross-chain arbitrage, reducing high gas fees commonly associated with Ethereum.