Demex Daily #36: $ETH Scroll Launches zkEVM Mainnet to Scale Ethereum, Plans for Future Decentralization

What’s Interesting Today:

Scroll, a new player in the Ethereum zero-knowledge Virtual Machine (zkEVM) arena, has officially launched its mainnet to help scale the Ethereum blockchain. The launch enables existing Ethereum applications and developer toolkits to migrate to this new scaling solution. Scroll's technology aggregates thousands of transactions off-chain and then submits a compressed data summary as proof to the Ethereum mainnet. Although the mainnet went live on October 8, the announcement was made on October 17, after 15 months of rigorous testing across three testnets, which saw over 450,000 smart contracts and 90 million transactions deployed. Initially, Scroll will have some centralized features but plans to decentralize over time. The project joins other zkEVM solutions like Polygon, zkSync, StarkWare, and Immutable in working to scale Ethereum.

DNERO Technologies, based in El Salvador, is launching its DNERO Protocol on October 23, 2023, aiming to revolutionize the digital landscape with a fully decentralized Web3 ecosystem. The platform is designed to empower creators and developers by offering low transaction fees and robust security. It is also EVM-compatible, making it versatile for a range of Web3 applications. The DNERO Protocol features a dual-token system: DNERO Coin for governance and staking, and Dtoken (DTKN) for operational functions. El Salvador's progressive stance on blockchain and crypto technologies provides an ideal backdrop for DNERO's launch, which includes a variety of decentralized applications like DEX/DeFi, DAOs, and NFTs. The company has already formed partnerships across various sectors and plans to continue innovating in the space.