Demex Introduces The First Fully On-Chain SCRT-PERP Market

Demex Introduces The First Fully On-Chain SCRT-PERP Market

In a monumental stride, Demex pioneers the introduction of the SCRT-PERP market, a transformative trading instrument that redefines the landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi). Demex is the first derivative DEX to support this market. This launch empowers users to go long on Secret Network with up to 20x leverage!

Secret Network, The First Blockchain with Customizable Privacy

At the heart of the SCRT Perpetuals on Demex lies Secret Network, a decentralized platform renowned for its unwavering commitment to secure, private computation. Within the innovative realms of Secret Network, users are empowered to engage in confidential transactions and smart contracts, setting the stage for a privacy-focused revolution within the crypto space.

SCRT Token: A Versatile Asset For Traders

Fueling the Secret Network ecosystem is the SCRT token, a versatile digital asset playing a pivotal role in transactions, computational fees, staking, and community governance. Beyond being a mere cryptocurrency, the SCRT token symbolizes a new era in privacy-centric SCRT trading, offering traders an instrument that extends beyond conventional limitations.

Recent Developments for Secret Network: Paving the Way for 2024 and Beyond

Secret Network has recently unveiled an ambitious development roadmap for 2024, underscoring its commitment to fortifying core network infrastructure. The roadmap, prioritizing security, scalability, and decentralization, positions Secret Network as a vanguard in the blockchain space.

Initiatives like Privacy as a Service (PaaS) and Secret VRF showcase the network's dedication to pushing boundaries. Not only do they enhance privacy features, but they also extend the network's influence by offering private computation to other blockchains. Integrating on-chain random number generation via Secret VRF adds an extra layer of innovation, reflecting the network's determination to pioneer advancements that transcend conventional norms.

Delving into the specifics of the 2024 Secret Network Development Roadmap reveals meticulous plans to elevate security standards. Replicated Security capabilities and research into more sophisticated shared security models underscore the network's commitment to implementing robust measures that safeguard user interests. Simultaneously, onboarding app chains as L1.5 or L2s, coupled with additional security exploration, highlights a strategic move to create a secure and adaptable environment for diverse applications within the ecosystem.

Source: Secret Network 

SCRT Trading: A Premier Asset for Traders and Speculation

SCRT-PERP emerges as a standout choice for perpetual traders, drawing attention not only for its price volatility but also for its ongoing project advancements. The commitment to innovation and continuous development forms a compelling narrative, fostering a positive and enduring outlook for the asset. This unique blend positions SCRT-PERP not just as a transient trading option but as a potential cornerstone for sustained growth in the longer term.

Unleashing Perpetual Trading Opportunities on Demex

Demex's strategic introduction of SCRT Perpetuals opens a new frontier in the perps trading landscape.

Get Started on Demex

Embarking on a trading journey on Demex is easier than ever, thanks to its user-friendly interface and advanced features. Traders are invited to explore trade on the market with up to 20x leverage!

Embark on your SCRT-PERP trading journey on Demex with ease. Follow these three straightforward steps:

  1. Launch Demex
  2. Deposit Stablecoins
  3. Start Trading!

Pro Mode and Lite Mode

Demex revolutionizes the SCRT Perpetuals trading experience with Pro Mode and Lite Mode, offering tailored solutions for traders of all preferences. For advanced strategists, Pro Mode stands as a sophisticated environment replete with advanced tools, comprehensive charts, and diverse order types. This mode empowers seasoned traders with the insights and features necessary to navigate the complexities of SCRT trading at a professional level.

On the other end of the spectrum, Lite Mode caters to traders who value on-the-go convenience. This streamlined and intuitive mobile option facilitates instant market orders, ensuring traders can seize opportunities and manage their SCRT Perpetuals portfolio effortlessly, anytime and anywhere. Demex's commitment to inclusivity allows traders to seamlessly transition between Pro Mode and Lite Mode, providing the flexibility to adapt their SCRT trading experience to their unique preferences and requirements. As SCRT trading evolves, Demex remains at the forefront, ensuring that every trader has the tools and convenience needed to navigate the decentralized future of SCRT trading.


Demex's groundbreaking introduction of SCRT Perpetuals, driven by the synergy of the Secret Network and the SCRT token, represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of decentralized finance. Recent developments within Secret Network fortify the appeal of SCRT trading, offering a unique fusion of privacy, security, and perpetual contracts. As traders navigate this new frontier, Demex remains at the forefront, providing a seamless experience and opportunities for strategic moves in the SCRT Perpetuals market.