Demex Launches The SEI-PERP Market

Demex Launches The SEI-PERP Market

Demex is ushering in the new year with a hot market for traders — the SEI-PERP market! As the crypto community speculates the growth of Sei Network and its potential to disrupt the market, let's delve into the intricacies of Sei, its flagship token $SEI, and the newly introduced SEI Perpetuals on Demex. Don't miss out on the token of the moment, and the opportunity to make the trade of a lifetime!

Sei Network: The Fastest Layer 1 Blockchain

Sei Network, live on mainnet since August 2023, has rapidly evolved to become the fastest Layer 1 blockchain. Tailored for decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs, Sei stands out with its on-chain order book infrastructure. Developed on Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Core, Sei ensures swift execution, deep liquidity, and fully decentralized matching services.

Sei's Mission Against Centralized Exchanges

Sei goes beyond supporting DEXs, aiming to challenge centralized exchanges (CEXs). By addressing issues like high transaction costs and slow execution, Sei fosters fair competition in the decentralized trading landscape, reshaping the dynamics of cryptocurrency exchanges.

SEI Token: Empowering Sei Network

The SEI token serves as the backbone of Sei Network, playing a pivotal role in its ecosystem. It covers network fees, facilitates security through DPoS Validator Staking, and empowers users with governance capabilities.

Beyond its role in transactional activities, SEI extends its functionality to governance, enabling token holders to actively shape the protocol's future. Additionally, SEI holds intrinsic value as native collateral, providing liquidity to applications developed on the Sei blockchain. The token is further instrumental in establishing fee markets, where users can prioritize their transactions by tipping validators—a mechanism that fosters a decentralized and collaborative ecosystem. With a capped total supply of 10 billion tokens, SEI emerges as a key element in the seamless operation and growth of the Sei blockchain.

Source: Sei Blog

SEI, The Hottest Token Of The Moment

SEI is generating significant buzz on crypto Twitter, surpassing other Layer 1 blockchains in performance. With an upcoming update promising to make it the fastest blockchain and integrate EVM compatibility, SEI is positioned as a game changer, attracting investors and traders alike.

$SEI has captured the spotlight of the week as it demonstrates a 72.9% tremendous surge in price action over the last 7 days!

Source: CoinGecko

Is Sei Network The Next Solana?

Speculation on crypto Twitter suggests Sei Network could be the next Solana, potentially challenging Solana's dominance. Some even label it the "Solana Killer" as its market cap rises, overshadowing other tokens.

$SEIYAN, Sei’s First Memecoin

Introducing $SEIYAN, Sei’s first memecoin, adopted by the community with a Dragon Ball-inspired theme.

Source: Bitcoin Forum

Unleashing Perpetual Trading Opportunities on Demex

Demex's strategic introduction of SEI Perpetuals marks a new era in perpetual trading. The platform offers up to 20x leverage, providing traders an unparalleled opportunity to explore the SEI-PERP market. Demex is inviting traders who are bullish on SEI to go long with SEI Perpetuals. This also opens the opportunity for speculative traders who believe this price bubble may ultimately burst, allowing you to short the SEI token without direct exposure.

Get Started on Demex

Embarking on a trading journey on Demex is simplified into three steps:

  1. Launch Demex
  2. Deposit Stablecoins
  3. Start Trading!

Pro Mode and Lite Mode

Demex enhances the SEI Perpetuals trading experience with Pro Mode and Lite Mode. Pro Mode caters to advanced strategists with sophisticated tools, while Lite Mode offers on-the-go convenience for traders preferring a streamlined mobile experience. The platform's flexibility allows seamless transitions between modes, ensuring traders have the tools needed for their unique preferences.


In conclusion, the convergence of Sei Network's advancements and Demex's introduction of SEI Perpetuals sets the stage for a transformative period in the crypto trading landscape. As SEI emerges as a formidable player, the decentralized future of SEI trading is within reach for every trader, thanks to Demex's commitment to innovation and inclusivity.