Demex Points Are Officially Live

Demex Points Are Officially Live

It’s time to summon the Demex family, the moment that you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! We're excited to unveil Demex Points, a rewarding program designed to incentivize your loyalty and activity on Demex.

Demex Points are now live! Start earning and accumulating points today!


Why Demex Points?

Demex Points reward both our veterans and new recruits. The more involved you are with Demex, the more points you earn, and the more you will be rewarded for your loyalty! Demex Points gives you a key to unlocking the next chapter of Demex.

Retroactive Demex Points

To kick off the Demex Points Program, we have opened up with the Retroactive Demex Points, wherein early adopters have been rewarded based on past activities like trading, providing liquidity, lending, borrowing, holding SWTH/rSWTH, staking SWTH, and referrals.

This program wouldn't be possible without you. Your continued support in building our thriving community is deeply appreciated, from our first launch to every step along the way. Demex Points are just the beginning of this exciting journey.

How To Earn Demex Points

If you're new to Demex or just wanna earn more points, there's still a chance for you to earn Demex Points! Here's how you can actively accumulate them.

Earning Demex Points mainly involves spinning the Wheel of Fortune and opening Loot boxes.

You can earn wheel spins by completing two of the following approved activities:

Active Perpetual Trading

  • Receive 1 spin instantly when you trade $10,000 (after leverage) on perpetual markets.

Perpetual Pool Deposits

  • Receive 1 spin (rewarded weekly) for every $300 pro-rata* deposited in perpetual pools and held for a week.
  • Your deposits are carefully tracked through hourly snapshots for precise calculations.

For more illustrative examples, do visit the Demex guide here.

As you engage in these activities, you'll earn wheel spins. Use these spins to spin the Wheel of Fortune and unlock Demex Points from the Loot Boxes! Every spin guarantees you a loot box! There are 5 types of Loot Boxes - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, each containing more Demex Points as they become rarer!

Activity Tracking

The Demex Points program is designed for the future, but we haven’t forgotten the past and the effort it took to get to where we are today.

While point calculations remain undisclosed to prevent manipulation and gamification, we meticulously track activity to ensure fairness and a level playing field for all. Rest assured, points and activity are closely monitored to ensure no discrepancies.

The Journey So Far

Remember the constant "when Demex token?" chatter? The wait is nearing its end, and Demex Points offers a sneak peek into what's coming.

Demex has made significant strides since launching as the first CLOB DEX in Cosmos back in 2020. We've expanded from spot markets to pioneering perpetual markets, consistently listing the hottest tokens, meme coins, and innovative projects. We've even led the charge with several perpetual token launches, unavailable across top CEXs and DEXs while boasting impressive liquidity.

And of course, there's the revolutionary Nitron money market! Nitron has become a powerful DeFi platform, seamlessly integrating assets from various blockchains like Ethereum, Arbitrum, Lido, Stride, Milkyway, Celestia, Dymension, and more. Nitron is the for our degens and our dreams, the ultimate DeFi playground to unlock capital, leverage your portfolio, earn more yield, and execute top DeFi and trading strategies.

The latest innovation? Our groundbreaking perpetual pools are a win-win for both traders and liquidity providers. Deeper liquidity translates to tighter spreads and faster execution for traders, while LPs unlock the potential to earn from perpetual trading PnL – a unique advantage unavailable with traditional spot liquidity. Our innovative perpetual pools are a game-changer, enabling the rapid listing of trending markets, pre-launch projects, and even the most niche assets. We're pioneering this approach in the DEX landscape, consistently bringing new and exciting markets to all traders.

Beyond these major launches, Demex has consistently shipped new features, user experience improvements, and countless refinements to enhance your everyday trading experience.

Innovation Never Sleeps at Demex

The future of Demex is promising! We're on a path to becoming the first modular L2 Perp DEX secured by the combined power of Bitcoin and Ethereum via Babylon and Eigenlayer. Demex will soon conquer multiple EVM networks like Bera, Monad, and Taiko, wielding the power of unified liquidity through chain abstraction.

Get ready for a modular revolution – Demex leverages Celestia for data abstraction while EigenLayer and Babylon handle security and finality. Nitron will become the go-to platform for unlocking capital from ETH LRTs, maximizing yield opportunities while accruing EigenLayer and Liquid Restaking points simultaneously.

Exciting times lie ahead! Join us as we make Demex the only DEX you will ever need for all your trading and DeFi needs.

Stay tuned for more!