DEXiest Features: Flexible Network Fees

Demex opens it's doors to all traders from a plethora of popular chains with flexible network fees.

DEXiest Features: Flexible Network Fees

Demex, a cross-chain decentralized exchange, is making waves in the DeFi world once again with its latest innovation: flexible network fees. This new feature allows users to pay network fees with a variety of native L1 tokens and stablecoins from different chains, instead of being restricted to paying in the native token SWTH of the chain.

Pushing the boundaries of DeFi

This move sets Demex apart from other DEXs, as it's the first in the crypto world to offer such a flexible network fees feature. Demex is constantly pushing boundaries and building killer features that have never been done before, positioning itself as a first mover in DeFi.

Flexible network fees solve the problem of users being restricted to paying fees in one specific token, which can be inconvenient and sometimes costly. With this feature, traders can choose to pay fees with tokens that they already hold, rather than going through the hassle of buying $SWTH(the governance token of Carbon, the chain supporting Demex) or converting their tokens to $SWTH first.

Welcoming traders from all chains

Demex's cross-chain nature means that traders from all chains are welcome to quickly onboard and start trading on the platform. With flexible network fees, this onboarding process becomes even smoother and faster, enabling more traders to access the benefits of Demex's decentralized trading platform.

This feature is not only user-friendly but also highly beneficial for traders who want to avoid high network fees, especially during periods of network congestion. By allowing users to choose from a range of tokens to pay network fees, Demex is ensuring that traders are not limited by the current state of the network they are trading on.


Demex's flexible network fees feature is a testament to the exchange’s commitment to constantly innovating and providing the best possible experience for its users. By enabling traders to pay network fees in a variety of tokens, Demex is revolutionizing the DeFi landscape and making trading more accessible and convenient for everyone. Traders looking for a DEX that prioritizes user experience, convenience, and innovation should definitely check out Demex.