FOMO Points Booster

FOMO Points Booster

It's been two exciting weeks since Demex Points launched! Many users have claimed their Retro Spins and retroactive rewards, while others are actively earning spins to unlock Demex Points through loot boxes. Currently, Demex Points focuses on rewarding two key activities: perpetual contract trading and providing liquidity to perp pools.

But this doesn't mean there's no room for some boosters and promotions to shake things up!

Earning Demex Points

Demex offers two ways to earn spins on the Wheel of Fortune:

  • Perps Trading: Earn 1 spin for every $10,000 of traded volume (after leverage) on perpetual markets.
  • Liquidity Provision: Earn 1 spin for every $500 deposited (pro-rata) calculated weekly. For example, a $500 deposit in perp pools earns 1 spin per week, while a $3500 deposit earns 7 spins per week (1 per day).

Introducing Fomo Points Booster (Limited Time)

Demex is spicing things up with a limited-time Fomo Points Booster on FOMO Perp Markets and the FOMO Perp Pool! This campaign runs from April 22nd to April 29th, 8AM UTC. Here's how to earn boosted spins:

  • FOMO Market Trading: Receive 3 spins for every $10,000 of traded volume (after leverage) on any FOMO Market (BLUR, DOGE, MEME, WLD, 1000PEPE, WIF, SLERF, and DEGEN).
  • FOMO Perp Pool Contribution: Receive 2 spins for every $500 deposited (pro-rata) calculated weekly.

FOMO Perp Markets: A Closer Look

FOMO Perp Markets is a thematic cluster of perpetual contracts representing hot and trending assets. These markets capitalize on the "fear of missing out" (FOMO) sentiment, often experiencing high volatility and attracting traders seeking potentially lucrative opportunities. The current FOMO Markets include BLUR, DOGE, MEME, WLD, 1000PEPE, WIF, SLERF, and DEGEN.

Derivative Plays in the Crypto Arena: A Breakdown

Let's delve into a few of the individual FOMO Perp Markets and explore their potential appeal for traders:

  • BLUR (NFT marketplace): Revisited for FOMO Consideration: BLUR's dominance in the NFT space makes it a strong contender within the FOMO Perp Markets. The Fomo Points Booster offers a chance to earn additional spins while capitalizing on BLUR's potential growth trajectory. However, as mentioned before, the token's price might already reflect its current success.
  • DEGEN (Layer-3 Memecoin): This recently launched project caters specifically to the memecoin crowd. DEGEN functions as the native token within this ecosystem, rewarding users for their activity and facilitating the development of memecoin-focused applications. While DEGEN itself isn't a groundbreaking technological innovation, its potential for customization based on community needs positions it as a potential hub for future memecoin applications and experiences. Going long on DEGEN derivatives could be a way to capitalize on this community-driven ecosystem, but its success hinges on widespread adoption by memecoin developers and users.
  • DOGE (Memecoin): The ever-unpredictable Dogecoin (DOGE) continues to be a magnet for derivative traders. Recent news of Elon Musk acquiring Twitter has reignited the "DOGE on Twitter" narrative, sending prices soaring. This social media buzz could tempt traders to go long, hoping for further gains. However, DOGE's historical volatility makes shorting an option for those anticipating a correction or a fading interest in meme coins.
  • PEPE (Memecoin): Similar to MEME, PEPE's derivative value depends on its function. If PEPE is a token associated with a popular meme platform, going long on derivatives could be a play on the platform's continued relevance and user growth. Conversely, shorting PEPE would be a bet against the platform's decline or the waning popularity of the Pepe meme itself.
  • SLERF (Solana Memecoin): This meme coin rocketed to fame on Solana thanks to a chaotic pre-sale mishap and a community determined to "send it" (inflate the price).  SLERF's rapid rise, despite lacking a clear purpose, makes it a volatile target for derivative traders.  With the Fomo Points Booster, traders can potentially profit from further surges or short SLERF in anticipation of a correction.  However, the absence of established fundamentals makes both strategies inherently risky. Learn more about this memecoin and its crazy rise to fame in our previous blog here.
  • WIF (Dog With a Hat memecoin): Riding the wave of a recent memecoin resurgence, WIF could be poised for a 20% price surge this month. Analysts point to a bullish cup-and-handle pattern and positive technical indicators suggesting a potential breakout. Going long on WIF derivatives could capitalize on this momentum, but a bearish turn could see WIF fall back to its support level.
  • WLD (Worldcoin):  Worldcoin (WLD) focuses on solving real-world problems like digital identity verification. Their upcoming launch of World Chain, their own blockchain slated for this summer, has generated significant buzz. This new infrastructure promises faster transactions and lower fees, potentially attracting a wider user base. Anticipating this growth, derivative traders might go long on WLD, hoping to profit from user and developer adoption.

Join the Demex Action and Earn Demex Points!

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to earn Demex Points! Whether you're a seasoned derivatives trader or a DeFi enthusiast seeking passive income, Demex offers rewarding options. Head over to the Demex platform today and start earning!



Demex Points reward users for actively participating on the Demex exchange. Earn spins through perpetual contract trading and liquidity provision to unlock Demex Points via loot boxes. For a limited time, the Fomo Points Booster offers increased spins for trading and contributing to the FOMO Perp Pool, which includes popular memecoins like DOGE, WIF, and PEPE, alongside established players like BLUR.