Lend stTIA On Nitron And Qualify For The Stride Airdrop

Lend stTIA On Nitron And Qualify For The Stride Airdrop

Celestia Network recently launched its native token, TIA, serving both as the network's powerhouse and governance token. The ecosystem swiftly witnessed the deployment of various dApps, alongside the emergence of liquid staking protocols like MilkyWay and Stride, introducing derivatives such as milkTIA and stTIA, respectively.

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Why the surging interest in TIA LSDs?

The surge in popularity of TIA liquid staking derivatives (LSDs) stems from users' inclination towards active engagement in DeFi activities rather than mere HODLing for price appreciation. With staking offering attractive returns, averaging at 15%, and the prospect of direct airdrop opportunities from validators, users are drawn to liquid staking protocols. These protocols not only offer liquidity to engage in DeFi but also reduce unstaking times and ensure fair distribution among network validators. The primary allure of holding LSDs lies in the unlocked liquidity, opening doors to diverse opportunities.

TIA LSDs, particularly, have witnessed immense traction due to a wave of airdrops from protocols rewarding TIA and TIA LSD holders. Even networks outside Celestia, like AltLayer, have participated in this trend by airdropping tokens to holders of derivatives like milkTIA.

Stride's Vision for stTIA: Modular Money

Stride's introduction of stTIA, dubbed "modular money," marks a revolutionary stride within the Cosmos ecosystem. Unlike conventional PoS tokens, stTIA transcends traditional staking rewards and airdrops, serving as a versatile bridge across blockchain networks and DApps.

Envisioned by Stride, stTIA emerges as a pivotal asset driving cross-blockchain rollups, ensuring seamless transactions across diverse networks. Its deep liquidity on DEXs enhances accessibility for trading, while its role as collateral across DeFi leverage apps empowers users with financial flexibility. Moreover, stTIA facilitates NFT trading, amplifying its significance in the decentralized landscape. As DAO treasuries embrace stTIA, Stride's vision unfolds, highlighting its stability within decentralized governance structures.

Stride's Unprecedented Airdrop for stTIA Holders

In an unprecedented move, Stride announced its largest airdrop yet for stTIA holders. With 5,000,000 STRD tokens—equivalent to 5% of the total max supply—set to be distributed, users engaging in DeFi activities like collateralization and liquidity provision with stTIA are eligible for this massive airdrop.

Source: Stride Blog

Stride Whitelists Carbon for The Airdrop

Stride has included Carbon as the list of whitelisted chains and DeFi location for stTIA holders.

By interacting with stTIA on the Carbon Network, users can earn from the Stride airdrop in two ways:

  1. Simply holding stTIA on Carbon.
  2. Depositing stTIA as collateral on Carbon’s money market, Nitron.

Lend stTIA on Nitron

Good news for you all! We have raised the supply cap of stTIA to $1,000,000 on Nitron. Furthermore, the lending pool has been incentivized with 125,000 $SWTH tokens.

Want to get in on the modular wave and earn from another airdrop? Here’s how you can get in on the action with Nitron, the most extensive Cosmos Money Market.

  1. Deposit stTIA via Keplr or Leap wallet on Demex.

2. Once you have successfully deposited your stTIA tokens, it will reflect on your Balance page here.

3. Next, lend stTIA on Nitron, with a simple one-click process.

4. You’re all set! Sit back, earn your incentives, lending APY and now the STRD airdrop! View your position and collateralized assets here.

Maximize Your Rewards

Beyond just lending your stTIA on Nitron, you can maximize your rewards starting with just a simple lending transaction.

Lend and collateralize stTIA to borrow USDⒼ and start trading perpetuals! By trading perpetuals, you can start accumulating Carbon Credits to offset your trading fees.

Last but not least, by engaging in lending and collateralizing on Nitron, and trading perpetuals, you begin to start accruing Demex Points!

By lending stTIA, you can earn lending APY, SWTH incentives, STRD Airdrop, Carbon Credits and Demex Points! Win-Win-Win-Win-Win!

Get your head in the game folks!


Celestia Network native token TIA, has taken the center stage, which powers the network and its governance. This has sparked a surge of interest in liquid staking derivatives (LSDs) like stTIA, as users are keen to take part in DeFi activities and earn rewards. Stride's innovative approach positions stTIA as versatile currency for seamless transactions and empowerment in DeFi and NFT trading.

Furthermore, Stride has announced a big airdrop for stTIA holders, encouraging more DeFi participation. By adding Carbon to the whitelist, users have more chances to earn rewards by using stTIA on the Carbon Network and Nitron, the Cosmos Money Market. Lending stTIA on Nitron comes with raised caps and SWTH token rewards, providing users with many ways to earn rewards, including lending APY, STRD airdrops, Carbon Credits, and Demex Points. This shows the increasing involvement in DeFi.