Archway Trading League

Archway Trading League

We are excited to announce the Archway Trading League, an exciting trading competition hosted by Demex in partnership with Archway, a Cosmos native protocol. From June 11 to July 11, 9AM UTC, traders can register and participate for a chance to win a share of the 95,000 ARCH tokens prize pool!

Trade on Demex and Earn $ARCH Prizes

From June 11, 2024, to July 11, 2024, at 9AM UTC, join the Archway Trading League and compete to earn $ARCH prizes. The competition is open to everyone, and it’s easy to participate and maximize your points.

How to Join

Step 1: Register

Starting from June 10, 2024, at 9AM UTC, visit the Archway Trading League page and click the “Register” button to participate in this event.

Step 2: Start Trading and Earning Points

Once you’ve registered for the event, it’s time to start trading perpetuals! As this is the Archway Trading League, you can earn more points by trading on the new ARCH-PERP market.

For every 1 USD of trading volume (factoring in leverage), you will earn:

Market Points
ARCH Perpetual Market 3
Other Perpetual Markets 1

You can use higher leverage to trade larger volumes and accumulate more points easily!

Step 3: Rise Up the Leaderboard!

Keep an eye on the leaderboard to track your progress in terms of your ranking and points during the event. The top 20 participants on the leaderboard will take home prizes in $ARCH.

For more details on how to participate and other FAQs, please visit the Archway Trading League Guide.

What is Archway?

Archway is a Cosmos native protocol designed to reward developers with a share of the network’s revenue. It provides a platform for developers to launch decentralized applications (dApps) and capture the value they create for the underlying network. Archway is becoming a hub of innovative projects, making it an exciting ecosystem for both developers and traders.

Recent Updates

  • Aeroscraper: Launched on May 14th, Aeroscraper is a decentralized lending-borrowing protocol offering an interest-free, over-collateralized stablecoin and DeFi loan.
  • Lunarspace: Raised over $100K using Outbid, Astrovault’s gamified token launchpad, for their $LSE token.
  • Stakeme: Updated their Archway explorer, improving data delivery, enabling delegating and voting, and adding more metrics.
  • Conflict Resolution Council: Went live on May 17th, providing a framework for community-driven proposal discussions.
  • Galaxy Exchange: Launched a retail interface to bridge assets between major EVM chains and Archway.
  • Andromeda’s aOS: Since its launch, the Archway community has created 11 ADOs, including NFTs, CW20 tokens, exchanges, and auctions.

What is ARCH?

ARCH is the native token of the Archway protocol. It is used for governance, staking, and earning rewards within the Archway ecosystem. Here are a few reasons why ARCH is an attractive trading instrument:

  • Growth Potential: With continuous development and new projects launching on Archway, the demand for ARCH is expected to rise.
  • Utility: ARCH is integral to the Archway ecosystem, used for various functions such as staking, governance, and rewarding developers.
  • Innovation: The recent updates and new projects like Aeroscraper and Galaxy Exchange indicate a growing and vibrant ecosystem, increasing the potential for ARCH value appreciation.

Trade on Demex and Maximize Returns

Earn from the Archway Prize Pool

By participating in the Archway Trading League, you can earn from the 95,000 ARCH tokens prize pool. The more you trade, especially on the ARCH-PERP market, the more points you accumulate, increasing your chances of winning.

Earn Carbon Credits to Offset Your Fees

Trading on Demex offers competitive advantages and enables you to earn carbon credits to offset your trading fees, making your trading activities more sustainable.

Earn Spins for the Wheel of Fortune

Trading gives you a chance to spin the Wheel of Fortune on Demex. Earn Demex points and other exciting rewards as you trade and climb the leaderboard.


The Archway Trading League on Demex runs from June 11, 2024, to July 11, 2024, at 9AM UTC. To participate, register on the event page and start trading perpetuals. Earn 3 points per 1 USD traded on ARCH-PERP and 1 point per 1 USD traded on other markets. Win a share of 95,000 ARCH tokens by ranking in the top 20 on the leaderboard. Additionally, earn carbon credits to offset trading fees, spins for the Wheel of Fortune, and Demex points. Join the Archway Trading League today and trade ARCH on Demex to maximize your rewards!