Trade CANTO: Fuel the Future of DeFi on Demex!

Trade CANTO: Fuel the Future of DeFi on Demex!

Canto is set to revolutionize DeFi with its upcoming massive upgrade, the Cyclone Stack. Demex is thrilled to support this advancement by launching the highly anticipated CANTO perpetual market (CANTO-PERP). This market enables traders to speculate on the price of Canto's native token, allowing you to go long or short or even take on delta-neutral positions.  

Introducing Canto: Pioneering DeFi on Cosmos

Canto is a Layer-1 blockchain platform within the Cosmos ecosystem, designed to redefine decentralized finance (DeFi) by offering a robust infrastructure for scalable and transparent financial applications. Built on principles of accessibility and decentralization, Canto empowers developers to create innovative financial products and services while ensuring security and efficiency. With its upcoming Cyclone Stack upgrade, Canto is poised to enhance its capabilities further, aiming to optimize transaction speeds, improve scalability, and streamline blockchain operations. This upgrade underscores Canto's commitment to advancing the DeFi landscape on Cosmos, providing a fertile ground for developers and traders alike to explore new possibilities in decentralized finance.

Source: Canto's Blog 

The Cyclone Stack: Elevating Performance and Flexibility

The Cyclone Stack comprises three key upgrades designed to propel Canto to new heights:

Callisto Upgrade

Scheduled for release in Q2 2024, this upgrade leverages Cosmos SDK v0.50 and ABCI 2.0 to introduce Optimistic Execution. By enhancing the blockchain's consensus process, Canto will achieve faster block speeds and improved transaction throughput without compromising security.

Elara Upgrade

Central to the Cyclone Stack is the implementation of the Cyclone EVM, an optimistic parallel execution engine. Built on ABCI 2.0, the Cyclone EVM allows multiple transactions to be processed concurrently, optimizing performance even under high data contention scenarios. This advancement not only accelerates transaction processing but also lays the groundwork for future scalability enhancements.

Kallichore Upgrade

To address storage access bottlenecks, Canto will integrate mem-IAVL, an in-memory storage layer, into its infrastructure. This upgrade will streamline data access and persistence, resulting in quicker block commit times and enhanced blockchain stability. By separating state commitment and storage layers, Canto ensures sustainable chain operation and robust performance as the network continues to grow.

EVM Compatibility and Future Prospects

Despite these substantial upgrades, Canto remains fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This compatibility ensures seamless integration for developers familiar with Ethereum, empowering them to build scalable applications on Canto's advanced infrastructure without additional development overhead.

Cyclone Stack: Canto's Engine for Growth

Initially, Canto planned to migrate to Ethereum's layer-2 scaling solution. However, they've developed their own in-house upgrade suite, the Cyclone Stack. This ambitious project aims to significantly enhance Canto's performance in several key areas critical for DeFi applications:

  • Faster Block Times: Transactions will be processed quicker, leading to a smoother user experience.
  • Enhanced Storage Access Speeds: Retrieving information from the blockchain will be significantly faster, improving the overall responsiveness of DeFi applications built on Canto.
  • Elevated Execution Standards: The Cyclone Stack aims to set new benchmarks for transaction processing speed within the DeFi landscape.

EVM Compatibility: A Boon for Developers

The entire Cyclone Stack boasts full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This is a game-changer for developers familiar with the Ethereum ecosystem. They can leverage their existing skillsets to contribute to the growth of the Canto DeFi ecosystem, accelerating innovation.

Demex Ignites the Engine with CANTO Perpetuals

Demex is adding fuel to the Canto fire with an upcoming  dedicated perpetuals market for the CANTO token (CANTO-PERP). Perpetual contracts are a type of derivative allowing traders to speculate on the future price of an asset, in this case, CANTO. The key features of Demex's CANTO perpetuals market are:

  • Leveraged Trading:  Demex offers leverage of up to 20x, allowing you to magnify your potential returns (or losses).
  • Long or Short Positions: You can go long on Canto if you believe its price will increase, or take a short position if you anticipate a price decline.

How to Trade CANTO-PERP on Demex

  1. Connect to Demex: Visit the Demex app and create an account by connecting your trustless wallet.
  2. Fund Your Account: Deposit your stablecoins on Demex to use as margin for trading.
  3. Navigate to the CANTO-PERP Market: Follow this link.
  4. Select Your Order Type and Size: Choose your order type based on your trading style. Demex offers limit, stop limit, stop market, market, and TPSL (take profit, stop loss) order types with advanced tools to perfectly time your trades and ride the price action. Select your desired price and order size from the order book (price not applicable for market orders).
  5. Select Your Leverage: Select the desired leverage level; the CANTO-PERP market offers up to 20x leverage. Remember, higher leverage increases both potential profits and potential losses. Start with a conservative leverage ratio if you're new to leveraged trading.
  6. Go Long or Short: Decide whether you want to go long (betting the price of CANTO will go up) or short (betting the price will go down).
  7. Place Your Order: Review the order details (leverage, position size, etc.) and confirm your trade.
  8. Monitor and Manage Your Position: Keep an eye on your open positions and market conditions. Adjust your stop loss and take profit levels as needed to manage risk. When you reach your target profit or need to limit losses, close your position to lock in your profit or minimize your loss.

The Benefits of Trading CANTO Perpetuals on Demex

  • Amplify Your Return: Leverage allows you to potentially make significant profits if your market prediction is correct. However, be aware that leverage can also amplify potential losses.
  • Hold Positions for Extended Periods: Unlike traditional futures contracts with expiry dates, perpetual contracts allow you to hold positions indefinitely. This gives you more flexibility in your trading strategy.
  • Carbon Credits: Earn a minimum of 35% back in SWTH tokens from the fees you pay while trading on the Carbon chain, with a maximum cap of 1.6M SWTH. These rewards are distributed every 28 days, known as an epoch or a season. One Carbon Credit is equivalent to $1 in fees contributed to the protocol.


Canto, a DeFi blockchain on Cosmos, is revving its engines for growth. They're building their own scaling solution, the Cyclone Stack, to handle faster transactions and smoother DeFi experiences.  Demex, a derivatives exchange, is joining the ride by launching a CANTO perpetuals market. This means you can trade CANTO with leverage (up to 20x!), essentially betting on whether its price will go up (long) or down (short). In short, Canto's building its own path with the Cyclone Stack, Demex is fueling the fire with CANTO perpetuals, and you can potentially magnify your returns (or losses) by trading with leverage