Cosmos Perp Pool

Cosmos Perp Pool

We’re back with yet another thematic Perp Pool! This time it’s with our OG markets that you’re most familiar with, and the home and heart wherein Demex lies. As if it isn’t obvious from the title of this Blog, today we just launched the Cosmos Perp Pool!

The Cosmos Perp Pool is the 7th member to join the Demex Perp Pools family. If you’d like to learn more about Demex’s Perp Pools powered by Fluo Finance, be sure to check out this blog for a quick introduction.

Demex, The Cosmos Perp DEX

Demex is a decentralized app or dApp existing on the Carbon Network, a Cosmos App chain that is designed and built to support the most superior DeFi functionalities and capabilities.

Demex was the first orderbook DEX to launch in 2020. We initially started with supporting spot markets from various chains such as Binance Smart Chain, Zilliqa, Neo, and others. We slowly grew to expand to futures as we supported quarterly settled futures for the OGs – BTC and ETH. On seeing the rise of trading futures, we launched the Perpetual Markets for trading to smoothen the trading experience, to ensure no forced settlement due to the expiry dates on futures.

Cosmos Perp Pool and Its Constituents

The Cosmos Perp Pool will support the ATOM, AXL, OSMO, SEI, and SCRT Perp Markets. All the liquidity that is deposited into the Perp Pool is distributed as liquidity into each supported market based on the open interest from traders.

The Secret Perp Pool was previously created exclusively for the Secret Trading League to support liquidity and trading on the SCRT Perp Market. Now the Secret Perp Pool has transitioned into the Cosmos Perp Pool along with the other Cosmos markets.

Inviting Traders

Ahoy traders! If you are bullish or bearish on any one of the Cosmos markets listed above, Demex is the perfect platform for you to deposit your funds and start trading. These Cosmos markets have up to 20x leverage, which enables you to create a sizeable order with a small nominal sum with the help of leverage to cash in your profits. Whether it’s an uptrend or a downtrend, Demex provides you with the tools and full capabilities to make the trade of a lifetime.

Welcoming Liquidity Providers

You can permissionlessly deposit and withdraw your liquidity into the Cosmos Perp Pool to become a market maker across these Cosmos Perp Markets. By depositing liquidity, you earn market-making fees in the form of maker and taker fees, funding fees, and traders PnL. The amount you earn will differ from time to time based on the traders' position in the associated markets.


In conclusion, the Cosmos Perp Pool emerges as a dynamic addition to Demex's Perp Pools, offering traders and liquidity providers diverse opportunities within the Cosmos ecosystem. From its inception on the Carbon Network to the integration of the Secret Perp Market, this article has explored key facets of the Cosmos Perp Pool and its potential impact on the decentralized trading landscape. Whether you're a trader seeking leverage or a liquidity provider looking to engage in market-making, Demex's Cosmos Perp Pool provides a versatile and rewarding environment for all participants.