Demex Daily #103: Orange Domains Bridges Web3 and DNS with BNS Innovation

What’s Interesting Today:

Trust Machines has launched Orange Domains to enhance the Bitcoin Name System (BNS), bridging the gap between traditional DNS and Web3 digital identities. This initiative aims to connect DNS addresses with Bitcoin-based BNS addresses, making Web3 domains function as nonfungible tokens. These tokens will allow users to manage websites, send emails, create smart contracts, and handle finances from a single blockchain-based domain. The launch comes in collaboration with Tucows and Hiro, aiming to establish a new standard for domain names and Web3 identity, capitalizing on the recent Bitcoin price surge. Orange Domains, leveraging the Stacks layer-2 network, aims to expand BNS functionality and promote .btc Web3 identities, contributing to the growth of Bitcoin applications and the Web3 ecosystem.

Clone, a protocol aimed at facilitating the trading of non-native tokens on the Solana blockchain, announced its public mainnet launch. This development introduces "cloned assets" or "clAssets," enabling the trading of non-native assets on Solana. The initiative seeks to leverage Solana's fast transaction speeds and low fees, offering a platform where users can buy and sell clAssets directly. Clone markets will provide liquidity providers with leveraged and cross-margined liquidity pools, using USDC as collateral accessible across all Clone pools. This move is part of Clone's mission to allow seamless trading of any token within Solana, as highlighted by co-inventor Evan Deutsch. The launch follows a private mainnet release that featured cloned versions of Arbitrum’s ARB and Optimism’s OP tokens, with the addition of a cloned SUI token, enabling Solana users to trade SUI tokens for the first time.

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