Demex Daily #101: Robinhood Wallet Integrates Arbitrum for Enhanced DeFi Access

What’s Interesting Today:

Robinhood and Arbitrum have partnered to offer Robinhood Wallet users access to Arbitrum swaps at ETHDenver, enhancing the crypto experience with low transaction costs and fast speeds on a leading network. This collaboration aims to simplify access to Layer 2 solutions, supporting cross-chain swaps and other initiatives to make web3 more accessible. The partnership is seen as a significant step in democratizing web3 finance, with Robinhood Wallet allowing full ownership of digital assets across multiple networks. Both companies are committed to advancing DeFi accessibility and innovation, promising a future of enriched features for users of varying crypto experience levels.


The Ethereum layer-2 scaling network, Blast, launched its mainnet, unlocking over $2.3 billion in crypto funds staked by users for rewards. Revealed in November, Blast saw a surge in staked funds as users anticipated airdrops and projects on the network. The recent increase in Ethereum's price further boosted the value of staked assets. While some users are withdrawing funds amidst a market upturn, others remain for new apps, staking rewards, and future airdrops. Blast plans to distribute "airdrop points" in May for a future token launch. Despite its success, Blast faced criticism over its funds lockup strategy and incentives model, leading to public rebuke from backers like Paradigm.