Demex Daily #100: Telegram to Launch Global Ads, Sharing Revenue in Toncoin with Channel Owners

What’s Interesting Today:

Pavel Durov has declared that Telegram will introduce advertising across more than 100 countries, distributing half of the advertising revenue to channel owners in the form of Toncoin. By utilizing the TON Blockchain, this strategy is set to transform the approach to digital advertising and revenue generation on the platform, with the potential to earn channel owners between $215 million and $2.1 billion per month. This shift towards blockchain for handling transactions marks a pivotal change in the monetization of digital platforms, setting a new precedent for creator economies and indicating a major move towards the widespread adoption of blockchain technology in mainstream digital environments.

VanEck has launched SegMint, a self-custodial NFT marketplace and digital assets platform, in partnership with various tech firms, targeting crypto-native users in Europe and Asia while excluding U.S. residents. The platform, stemming from VanEck's digital assets research, introduces a "Lock & Key Model" for secure shared access and ownership of digital assets. SegMint offers features like a custom multi-sig wallet, NFT minting, and token-gated utility. Initially, it will focus on fractionalizing ownership of digital assets from prominent NFT collections and plans to expand to real-world assets like luxury watches and fine wine by March. However, access is limited based on residency, and the platform emphasizes regulatory compliance for fractionalizing real-world assets.