Demex Daily #106: Arbitrum Launches Orbit L3s on Base for Enhanced Customization and Efficiency

What’s Interesting Today:

Arbitrum has launched Orbit L3s on the Base platform, providing the opportunity to deploy either testnet or mainnet L3s utilizing Arbitrum's fast technology within the Base environment. When deploying, users can opt for Arbitrum Orbit as their rollup solution and AnyTrust for ensuring data availability, with Base serving as the underlying settlement layer. Arbitrum Orbit offers several advantages, such as customizable blockchain options, rapid block confirmation times of 250 milliseconds, compatibility with EVM+ through Arbitrum Stylus, and reduced transaction costs via AnyTrust Data Availability.

Kamino, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built on Solana, is set to distribute its KMNO tokens through an airdrop in April, following a snapshot on March 31. This initial airdrop will distribute seven percent of KMNO's 10 billion total tokens, rewarding participants according to their accrued points. This points-based system, similar to those used by platforms like Jito and Jupiter, aims to foster user engagement and readiness for the airdrop. KMNO tokens will serve as a governance tool, allowing owners to shape the protocol's direction, including its incentive structures and profit-sharing. Upon launch, ten percent of KMNO's total supply will be in circulation, with plans for additional airdrops in future "seasons" to encourage ongoing engagement with Kamino's offerings.