Unleash the Potential of DYM: Lend DYM as Collateral on Demex's Nitron

Leverage your Dymension (DYM) tokens! Explore how Demex's Nitron money market allows you to lend DYM as collateral, unlock exciting opportunities, and potentially amplify your returns.

Unleash the Potential of DYM: Lend DYM as Collateral on Demex's Nitron

Unveiling DYM's Utility: Leverage Your Airdrop

Dymension has emerged as a new player in the blockchain landscape, aiming to shake things up with its innovative approach to scalability and interoperability. This article dives into the core aspects of Dymension, including its unique architecture, native token (DYM), and the recent airdrop program that grabbed the crypto community's attention.

Airdrop Extravaganza: Dymension launched a genesis airdrop earlier this year, distributing 70 million DYM tokens (7% of the total supply) to various user groups. This included users who interacted with other blockchains like Ethereum, Cosmos, Celestia, and Solana, as well as NFT holders. The airdrop aimed to generate awareness and encourage participation in the Dymension ecosystem.

Demex to Usher in DYM Collateralization

As an exciting update, Demex's money market, Nitron, is the first to launch DYM as collateral. Anyone can now lend and collateralize their DYM holdings and engage in DeFi activities.

Use Cases for Lending DYM as Collateral

The ability to lend DYM as collateral on Demex's Nitron unlocks a range of intriguing possibilities:

Amplify Yield Farming

DYM holders can deposit their airdropped tokens as collateral on Nitron and borrow USD to purchase additional DYM. This strategy amplifies potential returns if the price of DYM appreciates.

Magnified Long Position

Users can deposit DYM as collateral on Nitron, borrow USD, and buy more DYM to increase their long exposure to the token. This strategy magnifies potential profits if the price of DYM rises but comes with the risk of liquidation if the price falls significantly.

Hedge with DYM Perps

Users can leverage DYM Perp markets on Demex to hedge against potential price drops in their DYM holdings. By taking a short position on the Perp market, they can offset any losses incurred in the spot market.

By trading perps on Demex, you become eligible to earn Carbon Credits to offset your trading fees. Learn more about Carbon Credits from our blog here.


Dymension (DYM) holders, exciting news! Demex's Nitron money market allows you to leverage your airdropped DYM by lending it as collateral. This opens doors to potentially boost your returns through yield farming or magnify your long DYM position. You can even use DYM Perps on Demex to potentially hedge against price drops, but remember the inherent risks of perpetual futures trading.