Demex Daily #107: Injective's inEVM Unites Major Chains

What’s Interesting Today:

The Injective Protocol, focused on trading applications, has unveiled inEVM, a rollup enhancing cross-chain composability among Ethereum, Cosmos, and Solana ecosystems. This development, which incorporates advanced technologies like Celestia, Pyth network, Hyperlane, and LayerZero Labs, aims to address the industry's challenge of network isolation by offering a more secure alternative to cross-chain bridges. Concurrently, the protocol's INJ token has seen significant growth, increasing over 1300% in the past year, with a notable fivefold rise since October 2023.

Aphone, a virtual smartphone app launched on the Solana blockchain and Aethir's decentralized cloud, targets users with older hardware and those in emerging economies. This web-based platform mimics an Android smartphone interface and can run on browsers across different devices. It enables smooth operation of Web3 and traditional apps without needing local hardware upgrades, aiming to bring advanced Web3 functionalities to users hindered by device limitations. Available for $20 a year, Aphone access is granted via an NFT on Solana, supporting decentralized applications and networks like Helium. Its operation on Solana ensures fast, secure, and cost-effective transactions, with the PHONE token facilitating governance and rewards.

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