Demex Daily #108: MapleStory Enters Web3 Era with Avalanche Partnership

What’s Interesting Today:

Nexon Group, in collaboration with Ava Labs, is set to introduce MapleStory Universe, a Web3 adaptation of the classic MapleStory game, on the Avalanche network by this year's end. This initiative aims to provide a Web3 experience, chosen for Avalanche's track record of security and support for Web3 gaming projects. MapleStory Universe will be powered by a dedicated Avalanche Subnet, tailored for its gaming environment. The forthcoming MapleStory N will enable players to design their game worlds and gain Web3-based rewards, prominently featuring NFTs. Since its launch in 2003, MapleStory has been a forerunner in adopting the free-to-play model and has attracted over 180 million users worldwide.

The Solana-based lending protocol Solend has expanded its operations to the Sui Mainnet with the launch of Suilend, marking its first foray outside the Solana ecosystem. Solend, known for its significant Total Value Locked (TVL) and wide asset support, aims to leverage its DeFi expertise in the Sui ecosystem. Rooter, Solend's founder, highlighted the advanced developer tools available on Sui compared to the more traditional tools on Ethereum and Solana, likening the move to upgrading from building cathedrals with chisels to constructing rocket ships with high-tech equipment.

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