Demex Daily #112: Canto Blockchain Stays with Cosmos Unveils 'Cyclone Stack' Instead of Ethereum L2 Shift

What’s Interesting Today:

Canto, a Cosmos-based layer-1 blockchain focused on DeFi applications, has decided against transitioning to an Ethereum layer-2 network using Polygon's Chain Development Kit (CDK), contrary to its previous announcement. Instead, it will continue as a Cosmos layer-1 network, incorporating Polygon's type-1 prover into its upcoming upgrades. This shift aims to enhance blockchain performance and scalability while maintaining compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) tooling and applications. The new roadmap includes the "Cyclone Stack," featuring three major upgrades designed to improve block times, storage access speeds, and execution standards. This decision, made in collaboration with major Canto contributors and after research with Polygon, marks a significant strategy pivot to optimize Canto's infrastructure for developers and users without transitioning to a layer-2 solution.

Mantle Network has successfully launched its Mainnet v2 Tectonic upgrade, significantly enhancing its Ethereum layer 2 (L2) solution's efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and interoperability within the OP Stack ecosystem. This upgrade introduces lower gas fees, EIP-1559 support for better fee management, the removal of redundant components for streamlined operations, predictable block times with a fixed schedule, native L2 token migration, meta transactions for user-friendly fee payment, and an improved fee optimization strategy. Following thorough audits and a public bug bounty program, the Tectonic upgrade marks a major step forward in Mantle's development, aiming to attract more innovative DeFi applications and continue its growth in the blockchain space.