Nitron Launches stDYM as Collateral, Unlocking DeFi Opportunities

Nitron Launches stDYM as Collateral, Unlocking DeFi Opportunities

The Dymension Network recently introduced its native token, DYM, serving as the backbone of the network's governance and powering its operations. The ecosystem has witnessed a rapid rise of various decentralized applications (dApps), along with the emergence of liquid staking protocols like Stride, introducing stDYM, the first in Dymension, a next-generation liquid staking derivative.

Intrigued in DeFi Opportunities with stDYM? Let’s dive in.

About Dymension

Dymension introduces a revolutionary concept—RollApps. These modular, application-specific blockchains are set to redefine scalability and efficiency, marking a new paradigm in the blockchain landscape. Dymension's vision encompasses higher throughput, lower latency, and a streamlined deployment process, offering developers unprecedented opportunities for innovation and efficiency. To learn more about Dymension, visit our blog.

Why the Growing Interest in DYM LSDs?

The surging popularity of DYM liquid staking derivatives (LSDs) stems from users' desire to actively participate in DeFi activities rather than simply holding (HODLing) for price appreciation. Staking offers attractive returns, averaging at ~15%, and the prospect of direct airdrop opportunities from validators makes liquid staking protocols highly appealing. These protocols not only offer liquidity to engage in DeFi but also reduce unstaking times and ensure fair distribution among network validators. The primary benefit of holding LSDs lies in the unlocked liquidity, opening doors to diverse DeFi opportunities.

DYM LSDs, particularly stDYM, have garnered immense traction due to a wave of airdrops from protocols rewarding DYM and stDYM holders. Networks beyond the DYM Network, similar to AltLayer with milkTIA, have participated in this trend by airdropping tokens to holders of derivatives like stDYM. There is a huge of chance of new projects sprouting and airdropping to DYM stakers and stDYM holders essentially.

Stride's Vision for stDYM: A DeFi Powerhouse

Stride's introduction of stDYM marks a significant leap forward within the Cosmos ecosystem. Unlike conventional PoS tokens, stDYM transcends traditional staking rewards and airdrops, serving as a versatile tool across blockchain networks and DApps.

Stride's vision for stDYM revolves around:

  • Enhanced Liquidity: stDYM empowers users to participate in DeFi activities while keeping their DYM holdings liquid. This eliminates the need to lock up DYM for staking, providing greater flexibility for users.
  • Earning Rewards: Users holding stDYM can still earn staking rewards offered by the DYM Network. Stride also diverts a portion (8.5%) of staking rewards from all liquid staked tokens to staked STRD, offering additional earning potential.
  • Potential Airdrop Participation: The airdrop to stDYM holders highlights the potential for future airdrops from projects launching on Dymension or other ecosystems that integrate stDYM.

Stride Airdrop Potential for stDYM Holders

Stride has been rewarding its community through airdrops, and while Carbon Network is not currently whitelisted, there's a possibility of future inclusion. Keep an eye on official channels for updates!

Nitron: The Launchpad for DeFi Dreams

Stride might whitelist Carbon Network in the future, allowing stDYM holders to participate in potential airdrops. In the meantime, Nitron, the premier Cosmos Money Market, offers exciting opportunities to leverage your stDYM.

Unlocking DeFi Opportunities with Nitron

Get ready to unleash the potential of your stDYM with Nitron! Here's how you can get started:

  1. Deposit stDYM via Keplr or Leap wallet on Demex.
  2. Once deposited, your stDYM tokens will be reflected on your Nitron Balance page.
  3. With a simple one-click process, lend your stDYM on Nitron.
  4. Sit back, relax, and earn rewards from lending APY and other exciting Nitron incentives!
  5. Use your collateral to unlock borrowing power to borrow other assets or even mint the Carbon stablecoin.

Maximize Your Rewards with Nitron

Nitron offers more than just lending. You can maximize your rewards by taking advantage of Nitron offers more than just lending. You can maximize your rewards by taking advantage of additional features:

  • Leverage stDYM as collateral to borrow USDⒼ and explore perpetual trading: By trading perpetuals, you can accumulate Carbon Credits to offset your trading fees, potentially reducing your overall trading costs.
  • Earn Demex Points by engaging in lending and collateralizing on Nitron, and participate in perpetual trading: Demex Points offer various benefits within the Demex ecosystem, so you can unlock additional value by actively participating in Nitron's DeFi offerings.


The DYM Network's native token, DYM, has taken center stage, powering the network and its governance. Dymension, the network's home, leverages RollApps, a revolutionary concept for modular, application-specific blockchains, to enhance scalability and efficiency. With stDYM, DYM's liquid staking derivative, users can participate in various DeFi activities.

Nitron, the premier Cosmos Money Market, empowers you to unlock DeFi opportunities with stDYM. Lend your stDYM, earn rewards, and explore additional features like borrowing and perpetual trading to maximize your returns. As the DeFi landscape on Carbon  evolves, Nitron positions you to be at the forefront, leveraging the potential of stDYM.