Demex Daily #114: Gyroscope Unveils High-Yield Rehypothecation Liquidity Pools with Loyalty Program

What’s Interesting Today:

Gyroscope, a stablecoin project backed by Galaxy Ventures, is introducing a new high-yield liquidity pool named Rehype, aiming to enhance capital efficiency in the crypto market. The Rehype liquidity pools focus on rehypothecation—the practice of lending out collateral—to generate returns from trading, rehypothecation of assets, and a loyalty points program. Expected to offer mid-double digit returns, around 15%, this product targets crypto users seeking higher yields compared to traditional banking offers. It's designed to support trading in stablecoins, with Gyroscope’s own stablecoin, GYD, serving as an "all weather" asset maintaining its dollar peg through diverse stablecoin reserves. The initiative also introduces the SPIN program, awarding loyalty points that may lead to future governance token distribution. This development reflects the increasing demand within DeFi for higher returns, even on stable assets like stablecoins.

1inch Network has integrated Lumia to enhance its liquidity and offer competitive pricing to decentralized finance (DeFi) users, rivaling centralized exchanges like Binance, OKX, and KuCoin. This partnership aims to broaden 1inch's liquidity sources and includes Lumia's role as a private market maker and future expansions with 1inch Fusion for gasless transactions. Currently functional on 1inch Legacy, the integration will soon cover 1inch Fusion. 1inch, a multi-chain liquidity aggregator, is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which recently made strides in legal representation. Meanwhile, Orion DAO has transitioned to Lumia DAO, involving a community-endorsed 1:1 token swap from ORN to LUMIA, signifying a deeper integration within the DeFi ecosystem.