Demex Daily #115: Sui Blockchain Achieves Groundbreaking Linear Scaling

What’s Interesting Today:

Mysten Labs, the developer of the Sui blockchain, announced they have achieved a significant breakthrough in blockchain scalability known as "linear scaling." Through tests with Pilotfish, a prototype extension for Sui, they demonstrated an 8-fold increase in transaction throughput with the addition of 8 machines. This scaling resulted in lower transaction latency, marking a first in the blockchain industry for achieving linear horizontal scaling, which promises lower latency transactions at scale.

Starknet, an Ethereum Layer 2 network, plans to implement a feature called "parallel execution" in the second quarter of 2024 to enhance transaction speed and efficiency, a move aimed at mirroring Solana's fast transaction capabilities. Described as "multitasking for rollups," this feature is part of Starknet's strategy to improve throughput and reduce latency. The upgrade will involve Starknet's sequencer, which bundles transactions for the Ethereum network, facilitating simultaneous processing of multiple transactions. Starknet, the largest among ZK rollup networks with a TVL of $1.4 billion, also announced plans to reduce fees through the "Volition" project and "DA compression," aiming to lower its data footprint on the Ethereum mainnet and, consequently, reduce user costs.