Demex Daily #139: Metis Rolls Out 'Sequencer Mining' in Phase 2 Update

What’s Interesting Today:

Metis has launched phase 2 of its decentralized sequencer upgrade, introducing a new feature called "Sequencer Mining." In this setup, sequencer nodes can earn METIS tokens by processing transactions and generating blocks on Layer 2 blockchain networks. Users can stake through LST providers that operate these sequencer nodes, which in turn allows them to unlock liquid tokens. For the Alpha Phase, the Metis community has selected Artemis Finance and Enki Protocol as the LST protocols.

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Bitcoin's recent halving event introduced the Runes protocol from Ordinals inventor Casey Rodarmor, significantly impacting transaction fees. The new protocol enables more efficient data inscription on Bitcoin and has led to a rush of activity as users create unique "Runes." This has caused Bitcoin transaction fees to soar from about $5 at the start of the month to over $36. Meanwhile, the value of Runestones has dropped significantly post-airdrop. Miners have benefited from increased fees and the halving's high block rewards, despite the intended cut in subsidy. The ecosystem is seeing vibrant trade and interest, with platforms like Magic Eden listing numerous Runes for trading.

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