Demex Daily #143: Omnity Introduces Fee-Free Runes Trading via Blockchain Integration

What’s Interesting Today:

Omnity has introduced a new feature that facilitates the trading of Runes tokens without incurring gas or transaction fees and without burdening the Bitcoin network. This feature is powered by the Internet Computer Protocol's chain fusion technology, which allows for direct interactions with the Bitcoin blockchain and other chains without relying on wrapped tokens or external relayers. This development is part of Omnity's effort to solve the scalability issues faced by the Bitcoin network, which has seen increased activity due to innovations like Bitcoin ETFs. On April 20, the network saw a record of over 926,000 transactions in one day, with Runes transactions accounting for 68% of the total.

Stripe is deepening its involvement in the cryptocurrency sector with the integration of the Avalanche blockchain, allowing users to purchase AVAX directly through its mobile app without using an exchange. This follows Stripe's recent move to enable businesses to accept payments in USD Coin (USDC). The integration with Avalanche's Core wallet will include a widget for buying AVAX using debit or credit cards and handling KYC processes. This enhancement aims to simplify access to decentralized applications and crypto products on the Avalanche network, known for its speed and cost-efficiency compared to Ethereum. Stripe, a pioneer in adopting cryptocurrency payments, continues to expand its crypto offerings, aligning with its vision to facilitate broader Web3 access.