Demex Daily #144: Galxe Launches Passport V2 for Improved Web3 Identity Security

What’s Interesting Today:

Galxe has launched Galxe Passport V2, significantly enhancing the security and privacy features for its 900,000 users. This upgrade introduces a private data vault, facial re-verification, and timestamped verifications to improve the management of digital identities within the web3 ecosystem. These features leverage Zero-Knowledge Proof technology, ensuring high privacy standards. The integration of Galxe Passport with the Galxe Identity Protocol aims to provide seamless digital identity management, promoting a secure and user-centric web3 experience. The upgrade process is automatic for existing users, while new users will immediately benefit from these advanced capabilities.

Google Cloud has partnered with Sui, a Layer 1 blockchain platform developed by Mysten Labs, to advance Web3 development through enhanced security, scalability, and AI integration. This collaboration will utilize Google Cloud’s AI tools, robust data analytics, and seamless user authentication to tackle common Web3 challenges. Key initiatives include integrating Sui blockchain data into Google Cloud’s BigQuery for advanced analytics, using AI to improve code generation and security for Web3 development, and leveraging Google’s scalable infrastructure to enhance Sui’s network performance. Additionally, Sui’s zkLogin technology enables smoother integration between Web2 and Web3 applications by allowing crypto wallet and dApp authentication using traditional OAuth credentials. The partnership also includes support for the Sui developer community through Google Cloud’s Web3 Startup Program, offering resources like cloud credits and expert guidance to foster innovative application development on the Sui platform.