Demex Daily #145: Aave 2030 Roadmap Launches Aave V4 and Updates Visual Identity

What’s Interesting Today:

Chainlink Labs is collaborating with Rapid Addition to develop a FIX-native adapter for institutional digital asset trading, using Chainlink's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP). This partnership aims to enable banks and financial institutions to transact with a wide range of tokenized assets, including renewable energy products, carbon credits, and real-world assets like real estate. The adapter will facilitate post-trade processes by providing a single source of truth for trade allocations, reducing settlement errors and duplication. This integration is expected to appeal primarily to digitally native institutions, streamlining their engagement with traditional finance (TradFi) systems and enhancing settlement efficiency. Vince Turcotte of Chainlink Labs sees this as a significant opportunity to lower costs and increase efficiency for asset managers and their clients through blockchain technology.