Demex Daily #168: Safe{Con}2 Showcases Smart Account Security Innovations

What’s Interesting Today:

Safe{Con}2, hosted by Safe during Berlin Blockchain Week 2024, was a significant event in the digital asset ownership and smart account sector. Safe, which secures over $100 billion in digital assets, led this conference, which featured discussions, networking, and major announcements from leading Web3 projects like Scroll, WalletConnect, and Rhinestone. Key developments included Vitalik Buterin discussing the future of Ethereum account abstraction, the introduction of Safe{Wallet} and Safe{Core} on Scroll, and the launch of Passkey logins for smart accounts by Safe{Core}. Additionally, WalletConnect announced the integration of Safe smart accounts in its Universal Wallets, and HQxyz introduced Visa corporate crypto debit cards for self-custody transactions. These advancements showcase significant strides in smart account functionality and interoperability, emphasizing security, user experience, and decentralized ownership.


Mo Shaikh, CEO of Aptos Labs, has been selected to join the CFTC's Digital Assets Markets Subcommittee, which operates under the larger Global Markets Advisory Committee established in 1998. This subcommittee consists of high-ranking officials from major firms such as BlackRock, Polygon Labs, Uniswap Labs, and BNY Mellon. Shaikh's appointment marks a notable endorsement for Aptos, a layer 1 blockchain initiated in October 2022, crafted with the Move programming language from the defunct Diem project by Facebook. Aptos is designed for faster transaction processing than Ethereum and has gained significant backing, achieving a valuation exceeding $4 billion in its latest funding cycle.